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Sep. 23rd, 2017 01:33 pm
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Who: Bloodsport crew
Broadcast: nope
Action: Guess where
When: 22nd onwards

[Even in the midst of this, we still have new crew shuffled in.  Nice to see the Atroma are all business as usual, right?  Welcoming Kaname to a pretty miserable ship, all things considered. :|]

Action OTA

Sep. 22nd, 2017 11:37 pm
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Who: Shay and you
Broadcast: private to Hunk
Action: Evac station
When: 22nd, just after the planet goes kaboom

Action - Evac Station

[Shay is on the station when the meteor strikes, helping out whoever she can with her limited medical abilities. While the most she can do is clean up blood and put on bandages, she's determined to do her part and help these people.

The horror and sorrow of the newly made refugees resonates with her in a way that she wishes she didn't feel. She too knows the fear of losing her home, but they had been lucky, and her planet had been saved when it seemed all hope was lost. These people though...they don't have that. There's nothing she can do but try to patch up wounds.

Her hands shake as she tries to continue, but the overwhelming feeling of panic rises in her chest until she can't stand it any longer. Shay mutters an apology and excuses herself, trying to find somewhere quiet. She doesn't handle panic well, and ends up on her own in a dark room, trying to muffle her shuddering sobs.]

Locked to Hunk - Audio

[Shay's voice is thick with tears and shaking as she speaks. She's panicking and scared, and she doesn't know what to do.] Um...H-Hunk? Are...are you there?
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[All transportation has ceased, all shuttles and spacecraft have been called back stationside. There is no more time. The meteor is no longer simply lingering in the stars - it’s here.

The impact is high-speed. Heavy. Intense. It plows into the atmosphere like it’s nothing, crashes into the eastern coast of the mainland, covers the entirety of it and far, far into the ocean as well. The planet gives, a massive crater forming and growing as the meteor pushes deeper and deeper, earth and ocean building upward, cresting, and spilling outward like waves amidst sulfur and dust. Splinters from the meteor fly off, littering the rest of the surface with impacts still massive and catastrophic on their own, let alone in such a steady shower as this. And from the depths of the planet rises the molten rock, the magma and the liquid metal, spilling outward and out of control, billowing smoke and ash into the air and adding yet another level to the chaos and destruction of the end of this planet.

All too quickly, the planet is nothing more than molten rock and ash amidst a sea of lava. There is no way anything left behind could have possibly survived.

It’s over, after both forever and just an instant. Nothing living remains, only a ringed black-and-red sphere where once there was a beautiful blue-and-green marble of a planet. It’s silent now. Very, very silent. The void of space has never seemed so empty.

The survivors on the ship - of which there are many, certainly the vast majority, thanks to everyone’s efforts - are quiet as well. There will be much mourning in the days to come, rituals and memorials and anything to wish their planet well now that it’s gone. Perhaps its soul has gone to their dreaming afterlife just like any of them. Maybe one day they’ll meet it again. Maybe… such things are difficult to foretell.

For now, all anyone can do is wait. Hope. Comfort. Talk about a future that’s foreboding and intimidating, where the only certainty is how completely uncertain it is. But… at least they have a future. They live to see another day, and hopefully another home, somewhere, someday.]

((OOC: As of this post, we have impact. The planet is no more. The population on the space station and anything brought with them are all that remains of life from Lyuku. If you have any questions, we ask that you direct them to our last OOC information post. If you would like to use this space as an IC mingle, you are more than welcome to.

Thank you, dear drift fleet - for saving an entire civilization, helping wherever you possibly could, and heeding a dying singing planet's wishes to carry her dear people to safety. ♥ Your heroism, no matter how much it cost, will never, ever be forgotten by these people. ))

Open/Mingle - Roll Call.

Sep. 22nd, 2017 06:33 pm
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Who: Sam, and you, and anyone; tis a mingle of sorts.
Broadcast: Fleetwide.
Action: SS Bloodsport, if you wanna find him.
When: After the planet is struck - Sept 22nd.

Note: Feel free to tag each other and inform everyone of whatever you need to, post-planetary explosion! I'll tag here and there, but consider it more of a mingle for people to touch bases about casualities and making sure people know they're okay (or if someone's injured.)

[Sam sits, triumphant in their mission but also defeated in spirit. Because yeah, they got the ship off the planet, and there's a whole civilization of people who get out of there... but he also is already too aware there is at least one fatality on their end already. Looma's last broadcast had been expected, especially after she'd sent him a warning beacon as the meteor pressed down into the planet's atmosphere, speeding, ready to smash the thing to pieces without effort.

Looma at least faced her death as one would expect, for her people. He imagines they would be proud.

Still, he sounds deflated at the thought, as he speaks a more leveled and straightforward response:]

... We've lost Captain Looma, of the SS Bishop. Umm... for what it's worth, she did it on her terms. I'm sorry.

[He's carried out the task of divvying up the blood from the blood drive, in case anyone from any particular ship needs it; there've been some injuries from shrapnel and citizen unrest, he's pretty sure. That's about all he can do, now, other than check in on the gardens... make sure Fie's work is continued alongside her, because it's important to keep those plants alive and thriving.

He slumps a little in weariness, sighing at his desk where he sits on the SS Bloodsport.]

... Role call?

Who's, um. Who's missing?

+ one dalish elf

Sep. 22nd, 2017 06:18 pm
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Hullo everyone! This is Mel, current mun of the Russian gold medalist Victor Nikiforov ([personal profile] goldkiss) and the unflappable Bioware engineer Gil Brodie ([personal profile] mongoosecrow) deciding that right in the middle of all this fun I should bring a Dalish elf to the party.

So here is Cyril Lavellan. He's the customizable protagonist of Dragon Age: Inquisition... because apparently we need more Bioware characters and I just thought it would be super cool to play two of them.

Cyril is post-Trespasser DLC which means that he is basically a walking spoiler. Trespasser has been out long enough that I'm not too worried about spoilers but if you are in the middle of playing it and/or planning to play it and don't want to be spoiled let me know and I will have him avoid your character at all costs because spoilers are unavoidable at this time. (But hey you can play with my other two?)

Anyway, this is his face:

+1 space idol

Sep. 22nd, 2017 09:29 pm
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Pictured: Walkure, not West Side

Hey guys, Babs here bringing character number two. This is Kaname Buccaneer from the anime Macross Delta. Macross is a franchise based around space travel, aliens, idol singers ending giant conflicts, and love triangles. This girl is from the end of her respective series.

A little about her now. She's the 22 year old leader/former lead singer of the group Walküre. They use their special voices (it's complicated) to cure and prevent outbreaks of the Var... which is kinda space rabies. She's also immune to it. Her voice has been shown to resonate with her groupmates across long distances and react with certain ancient ruins. Conditions also allow her to be resistant to certain types of mind control.

It's convoluted anime space science, but none of it should really come up here, so don't worry too much about it. Kaname'll be personnel on the Bloodsport, and she will sing often enough, even if she's flying solo at the moment. Here's a sample if anyone's interested.

As always, my contact info's on the list, and you can reach out to me for anything if you need to. I'm really looking forward to playing her here!

You just wanna shuffle

Sep. 22nd, 2017 06:28 pm
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New Passengers will find themselves teleported to the bridge of their new ship with no warning! Everyone loves a surprise! There'll be a flutter of confetti, a playful and welcoming musical tune, and small tray with cups of chocolate-flavored pudding desserts sent along to celebrate. Welcome to your new ship, passengers!

Cyril Lavellan → SS Wonderduck
Kaname Buccaneer → SS Bloodsport

Parker -x- SS Bishop

Remy LeBeau = SS Wonderduck → SS Twin Roses
Serah Farron = SS Red Fish → SS Blue Fish



Current Crew Roster

video / action

Sep. 18th, 2017 03:40 pm
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Who: Fie Claussell & You
Broadcast: Yes
Action: On Planet and/or Iskaulit
When: September 17th, early afternoon

[Since the news of impending doom's spread, Fleeters are doing their best (or okayest) to get citizens off the planet, and Fie's doing some work of her own. A random planet dweller here or there is fine, but her focus is mostly elsewhere. Since she's limited in her abilities right now--thanks lack of ARCUS quartz-- she sticks to what she can deal with well: plants.

Anyone on the planet or aboard the Iskaulit for a period of extended time, might notice Fie popping in and out with different bundles of supplies each time. Eventually, on the planet, she stops to sit somewhere (hopefully) out of the way to address her concerns.]

I've gathered as many plant samples and seeds as I can find for now, and I've temorarily set them up on the garden on the Iskaulit. From what I saw of the farming here, we could likely set it up on a few of the bigger ships, but the machine parts are sizable-- too big for several normal humans to carry comfortably. Maybe disassembling it would be easier...

Is anyone free to help with that? Or are people already focused on it? If there's something organized already, I want to help.


Sep. 17th, 2017 01:21 pm
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Who: Kaidan Alenko
Broadcast: Fleetwide video!
Action: Vaguely planetside, if desired
When: Today!

[The second Kaidan turns on the feed, the sound is distant and barely controlled chaos. He's moved into a side room near one of the space ports in the area, and the air is filled with the buzzing and chiming of a great many comm feeds going off in rapid succession, the constant chatter of traffic controllers almost a drone of noise over the top of it all. In addition, the noise outside can just be made out - the terrified shouting of civilians and the low whir and roar of engines as shuttles come and go.

Kaidan doesn't look scared at all. Strained, at best, but his gaze on the camera is one of steely focus.

I've done what I can to reach out the Lyukite military to help coordinate their efforts down here. I'm sure most of the captains are ready and willing to lend their ships, but if we deploy our shuttles we can double our efforts.

I need a count of how many operational shuttles we have in the fleet, their capacity, and the names of a pilot for each that's willing to do some heavy duty for the next couple of days, and then I'll patch that list over to the command center down here so they can add us to the schedule of evacuation and supply runs.

The more smoothly this runs, the better.

I've had to stand by and watch a world get destroyed because I couldn't do anything about it. [His voice cracks, just a little] But not this time. Not a chance.

-1 thief

Sep. 17th, 2017 08:03 pm
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Hey guys, long story short this ended up being very bad timing for me to attempt a return to rp-land, so I'm going to withdraw for the moment and try to come back when life settles down....thanks so much to everyone who welcomed me and played with Parker <3 it's been a blast and I'm sorry to go, but hopefully it won't be for long ;; 

stay awesome <3 
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Who: Dezel and you
Broadcast: Yes
Action: Lyuku, Malum.
When: Anytime up to the 21st.


[A rough voice, unaccustomed to talking too much, but distinctive in its grumpiness.]

Animals need to be evacuated, too. Don't forget about them.

[And also:]

There are drinks at the Malum if you need to take a break. It's a marathon, not a sprint. Dying foolishly doesn't make you a hero, it makes you an idiot.

[Not that it'll dissuade any of these people.]


[action; lyuku]

[Dezel's always had a way with animals, so he's mostly found rounding up livestock and pets that were forgotten about. Whether they're fluffy or scaly, he finds a place for them. After a couple hours he has a collection of tiny birds and reptiles all nestled into his jacket or his hat, but it doesn't slow him down any.

Some people might see a random line of livestock walking down the road. Others might see a shade carrying a little girl with a bandaged ankle (or perhaps she is floating). The girl keeps crying incoherently for her mother. And so, Dezel turns to you, whether you're familiar to him or not. He flips open his comm to help echo his voice.]

Her mother should be looking for her. Let's split up.

[Crewmates and anyone with regular business at the Malum, where he works, should be able to see him-- but at the very least, he can be heard through the communicator.]

[action; malum]

[Seraphim don't need to sleep, not really, and far be it from Dezel to take a nap while there's stuff going on. He goes back to the Malum instead. The food he makes is all hearty filling stuff that'll help keep people going, regardless of what the menu usually is pretentious plates with cherry tomatoes and a squiggle of sauce; the big batch of Space Pendrago Stew smells criminally good.

There's a discount if you order it with hard alcohol, which should encourage people to eat before going back out there.]

FF Protagonists On Parade

Sep. 16th, 2017 01:35 am
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Hello Drifters! Apologies for the late intro, but I'm new to the game and looking forward to diving in!

My name is Koree, and I'll be bringing in Serah Farron from the FFXIII franchise. She's actually just been assigned to the Red Fish (so hello ship mates, however long or short term that proves to be for?). Her canon point is the tail end of the Lightning DLC (Requiem), so she comes with a heavy spoiler warning for the first two games. If anyone would like to avoid said spoilers, please let me know and I'll try my best!

I'm available via PM if anyone needs to reach me. Cheers!

the veil is thin . . .

Sep. 15th, 2017 08:53 pm
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[ On the night of the 16th, the feeling of tension and horrid anticipation comes to a head. Everything stops when the sun goes down-- even the ever-present music in the hoppingest part of the city center. One by one, everyone turns their eyes to the skies. The young and old alike pour out of their houses, some in bare feet, and they point to the velvety blanket of stars.

It takes a second to find it, especially if one is unaccustomed to the starscape. But even a casual observer can see it.

A brightly-shining star, larger than the others, and growing larger.

An announcement cuts across all communication channels that encourages people to evacuate to the space station, but it’s clear that these are just people and they’ll need some help. Supplies, equipment, organization, there’s something for everyone to do.

Civilization is disrupted by a panicked stampede of people vying for limited seats aboard spacefaring craft. Within hours, there will be crushed glass, looting, and chaos.

The clock is ticking. Will you help? Or would you rather watch the dying gasps of a Singing Planet from a safe distance? ]

[OOC: Please see this post for plot details. Phase two has begun! Feel free to use this post as a reaction post, mingle, etc. or make your own!]

at the end of everything we had

Sep. 15th, 2017 08:56 pm
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Ever since the Fleet began raising warnings about some vague, red-tinted, death-themed, horrible planetwide event that would befall the poor planet of Lyuku, natives have been a little touchier than usual. Most are skeptical, but a still significant number of them are not. While some of the wealthier families have the option to board a spaceship and go somewhere else for a while - and a few are doing just that, thanks - most people hearing about this Prophetic Dream of the End are just plain scared and not sure where to go or what to do.

Experts study the planet closer, to make sure they didn't overlook anything they should know. Astronomers look to the skies, checking and double-checking and re-checking every last detail for any hint of danger. Unfortunately... they find it, having just barely moved within a range they're capable of reading. It's coming in fast. And it isn't stopping.

On the night of the 16th, the usual bustling night-life on Lyuku pauses for the first time in ten thousand years. The merrymakers fall silent, the music grinds to a cacophonous halt, and everyone looks upward. There is a rapidly-moving shooting star across the sky, but the problem is that it shouldn’t be there. No one said anything about a comet passing this close. Consult all the palms and tea leaves you want, but the spirits are silent about this.

After a few hours, the authorities send out an announcement over all channels, playing on every communicator able to pick up the signal and the yelling in the streets:
People of Lyuku, and visitors from elsewhere-- everyone who revels in the Prince’s warmth and life, who lives and explores this beautiful planet… All of us are in danger. A large object from outside our solar system has been caught in our planet’s gravity and it is on a direct collision course with our world.

There is hope as long as we stick together. Gather your belongings and your loved ones and follow the directions of your local authorities at the landing areas. We will need to prepare the Eynewa Space Station, but we are able to accommodate everyone, and sustain them until we find refuge. Supplies and hands are needed. Evacuation begins now.

And on less official channels:
Oh my god. We’re going to fucking die here. Oh my fucking god. … fuck.

For all their technology, foresight, and fortune-telling-- they somehow missed the celestial object now hurtling toward their planet at a billion miles per hour. The only course available to the residents of Lyuku is to leave their planet behind.

→ September 16th: A giant meteor is spotted within range of Lyuku, and it is headed on a collision course. Evacuation begins immediately. A mingle post will go up shortly.
→ September 22nd: The meteor collides with Lyuku. There will be an IC post for this event.
→ September 28th: Atroma pulls away from the remnants of the Eyuzi system. Drift begins.



Sep. 15th, 2017 07:10 pm
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New Passengers will find themselves teleported to the bridge of their new ship with no warning! Everyone loves a surprise! There'll be a flutter of confetti, a playful and welcoming musical tune, and small tray with cups of chocolate-flavored pudding desserts sent along to celebrate. Welcome to your new ship, passengers!

Serah Farron → SS Red Fish
Dorian Pavus → SS Blue Fish
Matthew Murdock → SS Bishop
Jacqli → SS Caprine
Justice → SS Caprine
Claire "Lightning" Farron → SS Tourist

Jon Snow -x- SS Caprine
Kai Gracen -x- SS Caprine
Signy Mallory -x- SS Wonderduck
Ardyn Izunia -x- SS Red Fish


Cogsworth → SS Wonderduck (captain) (promoted)

Kai Gracen -x- SS Caprine (first mate) (dropped)
Signy Mallory -x- SS Wonderduck (captain) (dropped)

Current Crew Roster

Judgement has been delivered. (Video)

Sep. 15th, 2017 08:51 pm
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Who: Claire/Lightning Farron & Open.
Broadcast: Fleetwide.
Action: No - unless you're on the Marsiva.
When: Evening.

(Maybe she has revoked calling herself "Lightning" too soon. Claire blows out an impressed and amused breath as she searches her new quarters. In space. That little detail is hard to forget as she walks by windows clearly showing the stars, bright and twinkling.

Pausing by one said window, a hand on her hip, she admires them. It's hard not to, really. They will always be beautiful even if the idea of their creation and the gods in general are...complicated. At least she knows Bhunivelze isn't responsible for this little interlude.

Flipping open her communicator, assessing the buttons and their various functions, she gives anyone watching a small sigh. Who can blame her, really? She thought she would get a longer break from reality bending oddities.)

Do I look familiar to anyone? (She isn't fond of just giving away her name to a bunch of potentially odd strangers. Unless...

Are we really back to that? Tilting her head, she blows her pink fringe out of her eyes.)
My name is Lightning and I don't remember signing up for this voyage.

Another battle won.

Sep. 15th, 2017 08:26 pm
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Your ships now belong to Final Fantasy characters, clearly. This lovely lady is Claire/Éclair "Lightning" Farron from Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns. She will be taken from the end of the game so she is basically in the best place possible physically and emotionally. I know, I'm nice like that.

This is Riddle, by the way, and if you haven't added me on Plurk at [plurk.com profile] tiger_eyes, please feel free to do so!
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Who: Looma Red Wind
Broadcast: Audio; fleetwide
Action: Those aboard the Bishop; later, planetside
When: Backdated to the morning of the 10th

[Sent via the ship's intercom, and Audio to any member of the crew off-ship]

This is your captain. Based on what I have been able to gather from the Fleet's last encounters with these "singing planets" and the most recent case of enemy action, all crew members are to report planetside to the attached coordinates in twelve hours time.

You will be improving your familiarity with your assigned weapons. Those who lack training in close combat will be given an introductory course to better ensure their survival in the even of another attack. Rick Grimes will oversee your training, I will supervise and assist where able.

It is likely we will encounter hostilities in the near future. This is for your own safety, as I may not be able to personally intervene should you find yourself threatened. While I cannot compel everyone to attend, know that I can make your rescue a lower priority than those who bothered to present themselves for instruction.

[Audio: Transmitted to everyone else, via the Fleet's network]

This is Captain Looma Red Wind. By now, I am certain many of you are aware of these dreams we have been having, and the potential danger we may encounter on this planet as a result. I am also aware that many of you are not used to combat, or simply not accustomed to the use of the weapons available to you.

Any who wish for assistance in this matter- or who simply wish to resume their own training- are to report to the attached coordinates on the planet below in twelve hours time. Rick Grimes and I will be overseeing firearms instruction, as well as some manner of close combat training for those who have never seen battle. Depart early, as this will be some distance from the city, to avoid alarming the locals.

Additional assistance in munitions or personal combat training from experienced members of the fleet will be welcomed.

If your ship lacks an armory, or you are for any reason denied access to it, I will be bringing along the contents of the Bishop's armory and will permit their use when available.

[True to her word, attached are a set of coordinates for an area roughly 15 minutes outside the city proper. Partly because she was told that if she was going to do this at all, it needed to be far away from the civilian population- and partly because she did not want to risk anyone showing up to scream about whatever bad omens were associated with the color red, the number 4, and whatever other nonsense this superstitious bunch was capable of imagining.]

[Video] [Fleetwide]

Sep. 14th, 2017 11:50 am
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[So here is everyone's favorite gay clock with a Very Serious Look on his face. He has his small wooden hands braced on the counter in front of him, and behind him? Are the little cleaning bots in the bay area of the SS Wonderduck. They are clearly making as much space as possible.]

I am a magical ... cursed person, but I haven't had your dream. However, if this is all bodes to this plan-et being utterly destroyed, then I suggest we get organized as soon as possible to take as many of these people with us as possible.

[He sniffs, and takes out a clipboard.] I have come up with a ten part plan to organize and prepare us to share rations amongst us and the people we manage to bring with us, along with sleeping quarters and arrangements for bathing ... for as much bathing as you all do.

[Seriously he is a clean freak but you all bathe way, way too much.]

We should have more than enough water, that is not a concern. Women and children first, naturally. And ... hm. What am I forgetting?

[In a Cogsworth plan? Probably nothing. But feel free to suggest.]


Sep. 13th, 2017 09:50 pm
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Who: Daeron
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: Huntress
When: Evening 9/13

[The soft voice of one of the Huntress' resident elves pipes up one evening, mingling with the sound of a harp. Unlike his usual songs, as those who know him would realize, Daeron sings in the Common Tongue, and there's a clear note of wistful memory and almost joy.]

Her limbs were white,
Her hair like night,

[A rather horrid noise, now painfully familiar around the Huntress, interrupts and ends his song, and the feed- he might be a bit busy shutting the vuvuzela up to answer immediately!]
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